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Y Sunday, 5 July 2009
GET Freebies!!!

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Y Sunday, 28 June 2009
Outing and some updates

Before I start my blog, a message to JOJO. Hey, do tag board on your blog. Easier for us to chat there. Hmmm. Plase don think you had lost in touch with us. It just that we are busy. I wanna tell you I miss you lots too k. Study hard over there. Pass with a flying color when you are back. Awaiting.

>> So long i didn't do blog nor use computer for my own time. Was sick of using computer in the office so whenever i reach home from work i don't even want to look at the computer.

So busy and stress at work. Backlog is always pile up. So sickening, thinking back on those days when we no need to work and just concentrate on our studies. Also, we have time for leisure and friends.

My free time is alway not enough. Only weekend is my free time. But is always not enough not eough not enough!!! Sometime i need to do house work, but when i do housework i got no time to go out. Time management is alway plan in a rush time. Still alot of backlog for my housework too. Hand wash clothing was pile up, study table was in a mess, the computer i bought during march has not been set up, photo in camera is not transfered, bedsheet and shoes need to be wash. So many thing was pile up!!!

Was so stressed in the passed two month, and also my father is not feeling well. Only 2 weeks ago, I had think through I must think positively. With also family, donavan and my friends support. I just work hard. Take up courses like yoga, aerobic dance and some communication skill. It really help me de-stressed alot.

Still alot of backlog at work, trying hard to clear. I will not put so much feeling for work. To the extend I don't want to become a workaholic. I really hope that my manager will not give me too much pressure and put high hope on me. I really don want to disappoint her. I can "only" try hard and not "will" work hard. Understand??? Thinking this way then I will still stay on.

Let don't talk about stressed, this two month my companion is alway my family and donavan and always hang out with sylvia and marni. They really talk me around, joke around and giving me advise and encouragement. Really thanks them alot. Without them hearing me I think I going to psychology again.

Starting afresh, I going with sylvia and marni on 21th July for a 7 days trip to perth for relaxation. I am so excited. Please regardless of the sickness spreading around. We will do precaution. Don't worry k. So before that i must complete my backlog so that when I was back I will start afresh.

Today, spent my day with sylvia family after our yoga class. Bought two jackets and stocking for our trip. And also walking around with them is fun. Jokes and laughter is always with them and also must thanks them for fetching me home today. I do really had alot of fun today. Nobody is at home when i reach home. So i just do blogging and now they are back packing me jackfruit for my supper. A concern from donavan calling me after his duty asking me what I am doing today when he has no time for me afraid that i be bored. What can I say?



Love you all!

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Y Saturday, 27 June 2009
Win an LV Bag

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Y Saturday, 30 May 2009

It Happen

Too Sudden!!!

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Y Tuesday, 28 April 2009
Suddenly I just felt that...

I miss


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Y Saturday, 11 April 2009
Enjoyable Long Weekend

I have time to blog today! Wake up early in the morning for a yoga session.

Hmmm. Start from the IT fair. I bought a desktop for myself which cost me $899.00. Actually i was thinking of getting a laptop but is not within my budget and also if i need to bring the laptop out i already have 1 at home. So decided to buy the desktop. As this desktop the model of the cpu is in mini size can save space too so decided to buy it. But til today i didn't use much on my desktop think not even more then 10 times. Beause i was so lazy to turn on the PC when i reach home from work.

I really have nothing to blog about actually. Blogging about work is too boring so i only left with my weekend activities.

For my weekend, I have gone out with Mr. Donavan. We catches doll again. Omg. It really waste of money catching the dolls. It like become a habit. No way man. I going to kick the habit away. It just like every weekend activities. Last two week we had just celebrate our anniversary and he bought me a casio watch which is very lady, at first i think this type of watch is not suitable for me but now when i wear it i like it alot. ^^

Also, every fiday went out with my usual plan with sylvia, marni and uncle ray for swimming at anchorvale comunity centre.

Last sunday, my cousin baby yi jie 1 month old. He was so cute. We bought him a hamper.

Yesterday, Good Friday. Went out with sylvia and marni to sentosa. After that shopping at town. SOOOOOOOOO relaxing. We even sat down at Starbuck for a Blended Ice Coffee. Took some pic but at marni handphone. I bought a shoe and two long vest from cotton on. Nothing much but i just feel so happy and enjoyable day which i have never felt for long time.

Today I going to the new shopping centre Tampines one. Going with my belovable donavan. And i need to buy present for his cousin which is having a birthday party tomorrow.

Sorry no pic today. I lazy to upload.

My yoga lesson has ended and i was awarded to a yoga certificate. Cheers. They are having another intake on 19 april. I going for another round!!! But is with donavan, sylvia, sylvia mummy, uncle ray, uncle ray wife and her daughter. Yoga is really good. Make you stay healthy and it is very good beneficiary to others who has some problem with their body systom. And the guru are professional. If you are interested can come down to join us. On 19th April we start the lesson which also the application date at the following address:

Okay i going to stop here.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Y Friday, 13 March 2009
On Leave

Finally i have the time to do blogging. Took a day off today cause was too stressed at work. Good news! I had been confirm in my company i am so glad but workload become more and more = stressed become more. Will strived to get a better promotion!!!

Hmmm.. Alot of thing to blog about. As usual working weekdays and weekends off. Always will spend my weekends for relaxing, shopping..... Had gone to malaysia with sylvia for our monthly shopping. We had actually plan to go shopping in malaysia once a month. Had alot of fun there. Also with donavan when he was off in weekend we wil surely meet up. Coz he always complain that i have no time for him but i really tried to make up time for him. Hope he know that.

Recently i had just change my bloody phone Sony Ericsson k770i to LGKF350 the ice cream phone. Donavan bought it for me. It represent alot of present from him. My 21th Birthday, Valentine, anniversary etc etc. Haha. Anyway I bought the pink colour as I had never had a cute phone before though my family said it was so girlish. But I love the phone alot. Get to know this phone from shu yi as when i saw her phone it look very cute with the lights all that and even the keypad is very clear and steady so do a research on this phone and decided to buy it as my own. The function is normal and user friendly.

Had no programme today in the whole morning coz everyone is working and i just rest and slack at home but was getting disturbance by the renovation carry out at level 5 which is directly below my unit. Just doing upload of my photo album and later in the afternoon will go visit my grandmother after that meet sylvia, marni and uncle ray for a swim.

Misses those day which we had so much freedom and no burden. Now when we get older we will need to be more and more independent = more stressed again. But still i am happy with my current job and lifestyle. Hope it will always stay like this.

Random pic...

Celebrate Donavan 21th Birthday with sylvai and marni

Celebrate donavan 21th Birthday with his family

CNY 2nd day visit my grandma. It was so hard to ask her to smile

Sylvia was ask by me to company buy jean and shopping end up we play the dolls catcher at Marina Square and we spent $56 buck on that machine half half.... And i catch a tigger fr just $2 buck.. Just for fun.. Unforgettable day....

Gonna stop here.. Update in my photo album. oh ya.. I was having yoga lesson every sunday too.. Gonna end soon after three week and i am able to pass the basic yoga with a cert. And tml going to SIM for their opening ceremony and IT fair with Donavan, Andy, Jia Lian, Sylvia and Marni.. Going to rest for a while before going out......... Wanna end with a thanks to my Darling Donavan for lightening up my life and being an understanding steady. I love you lots!!!!

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